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Relative Homestead Information
This law allows for property that is occupied by a relative of the owner to be classified as homestead. Listed below are the guidelines we follow:

First, we identify the property ownership and occupancy. The relative occupying the property becomes the qualifying relative. The qualifying relative for residential property must be one of the following:
  • a parent
  • stepparent
  • child
  • stepchild
  • grandparent
  • grandchild
  • brother
  • sister
  • uncle
  • aunt
  • nephew
  • niece
The relationship to the owner may be by blood or by marriage. (M.S. 273.124, subdivision 1, paragraph C). In the case of residential homesteads, the owner of the property does not have to be a Minnesota resident, but the occupying relative must be a Minnesota resident.

To file for the relative homestead you must bring in a copy of the Deed as proof of ownership, a copy of the Certificate of Real Estate Value if the property was purchased after 1984, and the occupants current drivers license indicating the Brooklyn Center property address.

A yearly homestead Declaration will be mailed. This must be completed and returned to continue the Relative Homestead.

Occupants and owners of property receiving the relative homestead classification are not eligible to receive a renters refund or homeowners property tax refund.

The intent of the law was not to grant people two homesteads, but to grant homesteads to properties occupied by relatives.

Any questions regarding relative homestead classification can be directed to Building & Community Standards at (763) 569-3310. 

A city ordinance (Chapter 12, Section 12-901) requires a rental license for property applying for a relative homestead classification. For more information, visit the rental license webpage.