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Nuisance Contact Information

Nuisance Contact Information

Rental Licensing, Business Licenses
City Clerk (Administration Dept)
(763) 569-3300

Property maintenance, nuisances, vacant buildings
(junk, garbage/trash, brush, fences, outside storage, long grass/weeds, etc.)
Code Enforcement Division (Building & Community Standards Dept)
(763) 569-3473 or (763) 569-3330

Rental property concerns, building permits
Building Inspection Division (Building & Community Standards Dept)
(763) 569-3330  

On-street parking, loud parties, curfew violations, loose animals and
animal issues, graffiti, suspicious or illegal activities
Police Department
911 (Officer Assistance & Emergencies)
(763) 569-3333 (General Information)

Housing Rehabilitation or Purchase Programs
(Building & Community Standards Dept)
(763) 569-3330  

Neighborhood Watch, Crime Prevention
Crime Prevention (Police Department)
(763) 503-3272

Fire Prevention, Fire Regulations
Fire Department
(763) 549-3600