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Working with Neighbors and the City
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Working With Neighbors
Get to know your neighbors. Knowing your neighbors helps make the neighborhood safer and more enjoyable. Being courteous, friendly, and tolerant will help prevent many problems. Neighborhood Watch is a great way to establish relationships with your neighbors and city staff.

Resolving Disputes & Mediation Services. If you have a dispute with a neighbor, the Community Mediation Services is available to help resolve the situation. Their services are free-of-charge to residents, voluntary, and are held in a neutral environment. For more information, contact the Community Mediation Services, Inc. at (763) 561-0033 or

Working With the City
City employees work with property owners, tenants, businesses, community agencies and interdepartmentally to maintain neighborhoods in a clean, safe and attractive condition. If you have questions about property maintenance or city codes, please contact city staff. Resources or referrals may be available to help correct a situation.

If You Receive a Notice
Please Do NOT ignore it! If you do not understand the items in the notice or need additional time to complete a project, please call the city employee listed on the notice right away. Failure to meet city codes and standards may result in enforcement such as fines, city-facilitated corrections, eviction, formal criminal court actions or jail.

To Report a Neighborhood Concern
If a neighborhood concern cannot be resolved through neighbor cooperation, the city may be able to assist. Depending on the issue, multiple departments may be involved. The amount of time to address a situation varies depending on the issue and legal requirements. Complaints may be filed in person, by mail, by telephone or through the city website at Notify the City.  In order for the city to follow up on the issue, the following information is needed:

  1. Your name and contact number so the city can contact you if more information is needed or for updates.
  2. The specific location of the issue, including the house number and street name.
  3. A detailed description and location on the property.
  4. If the issue can be viewed from a public area or if permission is granted to view the concern from your property.

*According to Minnesota State Law, your identity is kept confidential, unless your participation is required to prosecute a criminal charge.