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Rental Properties
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Tenants and Landlords
In order to rent out a property in Brooklyn Center, a rental license must first be obtained. (City Code 12-900) The property must be maintained in good condition and meet all applicable city codes. The property must also pass a city inspection. City utility bills must be paid on an ongoing basis.

Landlords and renters should choose each other wisely, since they will be dependant on each other during the lease agreement. Both landlords and renters should know city codes, since they are both responsible for meeting city codes. For more information, please see the “Landlord and Tenants: Rights and Responsibilities” Guide distributed by the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office or online at

Renters who commit certain crimes and nuisances may be criminally prosecuted and face eviction. Landlords are responsible for working with Police and City Personnel in order to correct problems.

For more information regarding rental dwellings and rental licenses, please view our Rental Dwellings webpages.