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Juvenile Curfews
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Do You Know Where Your Children Are?

Unsupervised juveniles (less than 18 years old) not only have opportunity to get into trouble, they also are more likely to be victims of crime. Parents/guardians of juveniles are responsible for ensuring curfew laws are followed. Business operators are also responsible for prohibiting juveniles from gathering on their property after curfew. Brooklyn Center follows Hennepin County Ordinance No. 16. For more information about Ordinance 16, visit the Hennepin County website. For information about youth services in Brooklyn Center, view the police department's website.

 Hennepin County Ordinance No. 16 Juvenile Curfew Regulations




 Under 12 years Sun-Thurs
Fri & Sat
9 pm—5 am
10 pm - 5 am 
 12- 14 years Sun-Thurs
Fri & Sat
10 pm—5 am
11 pm – 5 am
 15-17 years Sun-Thurs
Fri & Sat
11 pm—5 am
12:01 am– 5 am