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Recreational Fires
Fire Regulations
Permits are not required in order to have a recreational fire. City Code Chapter 5 establishes standards to ensure recreational fires are safe and do not become nuisances to the neighbors.
  • Recreational fires are permitted only between 8 am and midnight.
  • Fires must be set in a pit 1 foot in the ground, a maximum 3 feet in diameter, with a brick or rock edge. An approved outdoor fireplace or commercially manufactured steel outdoor fire pit no more than 3 feet in size is allowed. The pit must be located at least 25 ft from buildings, fences and property lines.
  • Flames may not exceed 3 ft above the fire pit, and all burning material must be located within the pit.
  • Prevailing winds may not exceed 10 miles per hour or direct smoke into nearby residences.
  • A water source, such as a water hose, must be available at the pit for extinguishing the fire.
  • An adult must monitor the fire at all times.
  • Only clean, dry wood or charcoal may be burned. No leaves, brush or trash may be burned.

For more information about recreational fires, please visit the Fire Department's webpages.