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Housing and Building Maintenance
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House and Building Maintenance
Any building or structure (houses, garages, sheds, fences, etc.) must be properly designed, maintained in good condition. Siding, fascia and soffits must be free of peeling paint, holes, cracks or other deterioration. Roofs must be watertight and in good repair. Foundations must adequately support the building at all times. (City Codes 12 & 35) 

Accessory structures
Two accessory structures (garage, shed, carport, etc.) are allowed per residential property as long as the total square footage does not exceed the foundation size of the primary residence (house). An attached or detached garage is considered one accessory structure. All accessory structures must meet Building Code requirements. Any structure over 120 sq ft requires a building permit. Accessory structures must meet setback requirements. Please see the “Accessory Structure” handout for more information.

Fences must be made of metal, wood, masonry or other decay resistant materials and must be maintained in good condition structurally and in appearance. Before installing a fence over a height of 6 feet, a building permit must be obtained. For more information, please view our "Residential Fences, Hedges and Retaining Walls" brochure.

House Numbers
In emergency situations, seconds matter. Address numbers are required and must be: 1) At least 3 inches in height 2) Durable materials 3) Contrasting color to the surface they are attached. Reflective materials are recommended. House numbers should be placed on the house and not a door that can be opened and then not visible. (City Code 3-104)

Garage or Rummage Sales
Sales of a resident’s personal property are allowed 4 times a year, up to 3 consecutive days each sale. Sales must be conducted within the home or accessory structure. One sign up to 6 sq ft identifying the location and information related to the garage sale is allowed. Off-site signs up to 6 sq ft may be located on other residential property with permission of the property owner. The name of the person conducting the sale, address and date(s) of the sale must be located on the front or back of the sign. Signs must be placed at least 10 feet from the street or 2 feet behind a sidewalk; and may not be placed on traffic signs or utility poles, fences, in parks or on city property. Please be kind and remove your sign at the end of the sale. (City Code 34-140) Please see the Temporary Sign Regulations brochure for more information.