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Storage and Parking of Vehicles
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All stored vehicles must be owned by a person who resides at the property.

All vehicles (including passenger and recreational vehicles) parked in the front yard must be located on an approved driveway or paved or graveled extension of the driveway. Parking on grass, dirt or landscaping (other than an approved driveway) in the front yard is not allowed. (City Code 19-103.14) Please refer to Diagram 1 for yard areas.

On-street Parking
Parking is not allowed on city streets between 2 am and 6 am. Vehicles may not be located on city streets for more than 6 hours. (City Code 27-120). Please do not park on the streets when snowfall exceeds two inches so roads can be plowed

Junk/Inoperable Vehicles
Junk or inoperable vehicles, including pioneer or classic vehicles, may not be stored outside. (City Code 19-1300). This includes vehicles that:
  • Are not operable— placed on jacks, have flat tires, won’t start, etc.
  • Do not have current license registrations
  • Are otherwise not in a condition to legally operate on public streets.

Commercial Vehicles
Commercial vehicles may not be parked on residential properties except for reasonable periods of delivery or service and no more than 2 hours (City Code 19-103). Commercial vehicles are defined as:
  • Construction equipment, farm vehicles and equipment, or
  • Vehicles more than 9,000 lbs in gross weight, or greater than 21 ft in length or 8 ft in height such as dump trucks, construction trailers, tow trucks, truck-tractors, step vans, cube vans and similar.

*Recreational vehicles as defined by MN Statutes 169.011 are excluded from the commercial vehicle definition.

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