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Garbage, Recycling and Yard Waste Management
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Garbage and Recycling Management
Residential homes are required to have weekly garbage pick-up. Garbage and trash must be placed inside watertight , durable containers to prevent blowing trash and harborage of insects, rodents and pests. Please do not place non-recyclables or garbage in the recycling container. (City Code 7-102)

Garbage and recycling containers must be placed inside a garage/shed or be placed behind the front set-back of the house. (Refer to Diagram 1, page 4) Waste containers may only be set out at the curb for pick-up after sunset the night before and during the day of pick-up. 
Garbage and recycling containers may not be placed in the street or on sidewalks. This creates problems with pedestrian and vehicle traffic, interferes with snowplowing and maintenance activities, and creates liability for the resident for any resulting accidents.

The City does not provide garbage or yardwaste pickup. Residents must contact a private, licensed refuse hauler. For more information about these topics, view our Recycling and Waste webpage and our Waste Haulers webpage.

Outside Storage, Junk and Debris
Rubbish, junk, old furniture, appliances, auto parts, machinery and equipment may not be stored outside. These items must be stored inside a building or properly disposed of. Please do not place sofas, furniture, firewood and other items in the boulevard unless they are scheduled for trash pickup that day. (City Code 19-103, 7, 12)

Yard Maintenance and Yard Waste
A healthy lawn is more resistant to lawn diseases and weeds. Yards must be seeded or sodded and maintained in a manner to prevent erosion and nuisances. (City Code 12-711)


Grass and weeds must be mowed and trimmed to a height of 8 inches or less. Noxious weeds must be destroyed or eradicated. Noxious weeds include thistle, poison ivy, poison oak, etc. (City Code 19-1601)

The accumulation of brush is not allowed, except for appropriate types of firewood. Firewood must be properly stored to prevent pest harborage and tree disease transmission. Firewood stacks should be located in side or rear yards. (City Code 19-103.14)