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Rain Barrels
A rain barrel is a container used to catch water from a downspout. Rain barrels reduce the amount of storm water runoff by collecting roof runoff and storing the rainwater for future use. 

Rain Barrel Benefits:
  1. Rain barrels conserve water and help lower utility costs.
  2. Rain barrels reduce water pollution by reducing stormwater runoff, which can contain pollutants such as sediment, oil, grease, bacteria and chemicals.
  3. Rain barrels reduce stormwater runoff to the local storm drain system and reduces the velocity of water entering local water bodies. 
  4. Rain barrels can be arraigned to slowly release the collected rainfall to areas that can soak up water to increases groundwater recharge. 
  5. Rain water is naturally soft and does not contain chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride which is ideal for exotic indoor plants. 

Rain barrels are available to purchase online and at most hardware stores, or you can make your own. For instructions on how to assemble a rain barrel, see the Ramsey-Washington Metro District Rain Barrel guide below. Visit the Recycling Association of MN website for rain barrel distribution events.    

Rain Barrel Image
Photo courtesy of Valley
Branch Watershed District

Ramsey-Washington Metro District Rain Barrel Guide
University of Minnesota Rain Barrel Fact Sheet
If you have questions about rain barrels, contact the Engineering Division at 763-569-3340 or .