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Speed Limits and Traffic Calming
Speed Limits
Speed limits are set by State Statute on most typical roadways under ideal conditions. All other speed limits are set by the MnDOT Commissioner based upon an engineering and traffic investigation.  

Current Speed Limits
  • 10 mph in alleys
  • 30 mph on streets and urban districts
  • 55 mph on other roads
  • 65 mph on expressways
  • 65 mph on urban interstate highways
  • 70 mph on rural interstate highways   
For more information about speed limits, see the Minnesota Department of Transportation Website.
Video - Speed Limits: Why Do We Have Them?

Traffic Calming
The goal of traffic calming is to reduce vehicle speed, improve safety and enhance quality of life. Typical methods used to control speed include:
  • speed tables
  • chokers and neckdowns
  • SMART trailer (Speed Monitoring And Recording Trailer) 
  • warning signs
  • pavement markings
  • educational programs
  • speed enforcement

If you have questions or concerns about traffic speed, please contact the Brooklyn Center Police Department at 763-569-3333 or , or you may contact the Engineering Division 763- 569-3340 or email at