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Basement Flooding & Water Damage
Water in the basement may be caused by a single factor or combination of factors such as a higher than usual amount of rainfall, sewer backup, an upstairs bathtub overflowing, improper ground slope, etc.  Standing water in a basement may pose an immediate health and safety hazard or may create problems over time due to the growth of mold and disease causing organisms, or damage to the surfaces or structure. 

Basement flooding may be minimal requiring a few steps of correction or the flooding and water damage may be extensive requiring significant actions and costs.  Some basic information and resources are provided to help guide you through the prevention and cleanup process. Depending on your situation, you may need to consult a licensed professional to safely and properly address flood and water damage issues. 

Basement Flooding & Water Damage Information
Important City Contacts
  • If your sewer is backing up, call the City Public Utilities Division at (763) 569-3390 Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm to determine if the blockage is in the City sewer line or your private sewer line. After hours, weekends and holidays call 9-1-1 and public utility personnel will be contacted.
  • For information about techniques to prevent water damage in basements, please call Building & Community Standards Department at (763) 569-3300.
  • If you have water management questions related to a street construction project, please call the Engineering Division at (763) 569-3340.

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