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2009 Brooklyn Center Resident Survey
In September 2008, 400 randomly selected residents were interviewed by telephone to obtain their opinions about the City of Brooklyn Center and city services. The survey information will be used to help guide public policy in a constructive manner. 

Overview of Results
In this survey, Brooklyn Center residents expressed a unique mixture of present concerns together with an optimism and hopefulness about the future. The two key issues concerning residents are rising crime rates and commercial/retail redevelopment.

The population may not shift considerably, with about 17% of city residents, particularly renters, planning to leave the City of Brooklyn Center within the next five years; but a comparatively large percentage, 61%, plan to remain in the community for at least 10 years. 

Summary of Key Findings: 

  1. Redevelopment and crime are key issues for many residents. As a result, residents approve and support City actions to guide redevelopment. Similarly, citizens also support more police officers to address crime problems. The City should encourage greater participation in Neighborhood Watch programs, block parties, and the National Night Out to better organize neighborhoods on preventive measures.
  2. The Brooklyn Center City organization remains very well regarded by residents. Contact levels with the City Council and City Staff are higher than suburban norms. The job evaluations of both groups are strongly positive and impressive in comparison with other first-ring suburban communities. And, interactions with City Hall prove to be uniformly very positive.
  3. Residents rated city services satisfactorily. In every case but one, ratings exceed Metropolitan Area suburban norms. At 80%, positive ratings of police protection are almost 15% lower than the suburban norm. Given current concerns and their relationship to police efforts, the value rating of city services is a weak 45% positive to 34% negative.
  4. In evaluating the status of current development in the community, residents feel there is a large number of affordable rental apartments. With respect to other types of housing, residents see a generally good balance of various types of development. Residents would like to see more retail shopping opportunities, entertainment establishments, and dining establishments.
  5. Communications linkage between the City and its residents is solid. The reach of “City Watch” is 82% of the city’s households, among the highest in the Metropolitan Area. A comparatively high 35% of the households accessed the City’s website, while 22% watch City Council or Planning Commission Meetings at least “occasionally.”

The city organization is viewed strongly. City services are well-regarded. City government and staff are rated very positively. Residents rate their quality of life satisfactory and place a value on maintaining the diversity, sense of community, and strong neighborhoods that are a hallmark of Brooklyn Center. The City established a great reservoir of goodwill across the community in the past, and has clearly extended this to present. Residents expressed concerns about redevelopment, citing the perceived inactions of the City regarding Brookdale Mall.

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A complete copy of the 2008 Brooklyn Center Resident Survey can be viewed at City Hall.

Please click on the documents below to review the 2008 Brooklyn Center Resident Survey Executive Summary or the complete analysis, frequencies, and graphics.

Residential Survey 2008 Brooklyn Center Executive Summary
Residential Survey 2008 Brooklyn Center Analysis (large file 7.43 MB)