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Precinct Boundaries & Polling Locations
Brooklyn Center is divided into seven precincts, and each precinct has a separate polling location.

Precinct 1
Earle Brown Elementary School
1500 59th Avenue North
Precinct 2
Brooklyn Center High School
6500 Humboldt Avenue North
Precinct 3
Evergreen Park Elementary School
7020 Dupont Avenue North
Precinct 4
Spiritual Life Church
6865 Shingle Creek Parkway
Precinct 5
Garden City Elementary School
3501 65th Avenue North
Precinct 6
Northport Elementary School
5421 Brooklyn Boulevard
Precinct 7
Brooklyn Center West Fire Station
6250 Brooklyn Boulevard

Precinct Map

Precinct Boundaries - written description

Resolution Reestablishing Voting Precincts and Designating Polling Places

Resolution Changing Polling Places for Precincts 4, 6, and 7