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Rental Program
Xiong Thao
Housing & Community Standards Supervisor

6301 Shingle Creek Pkwy.
Brooklyn Center, MN  55430

Ph: (763) 569-3330
Fx: (763) 569-3360

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:30 pm
In April of 2010, a new performance based rental license program was implemented. License categories are based on the condition of the property as determined by the rental license inspection and by excessive validated public nuisance police calls. The conditions attached to each license category are designed to help the operator maintain and improve the condition and management of the property.

Since June 1, 1975, the City of Brooklyn Center has required rental property to be licensed in order to assure that rental housing is decent, safe, and sanitary and does not become a nuisance to the neighborhood. Both landlords and tenants are responsible for meeting city housing standards and being a good neighbor.

If you own property and let it for occupancy but do not occupy the property, you must obtain a rental dwelling license, regardless of compensation or if the property is occupied by a relative.

A license is not required under the following circumstances:
  • A residential property owned by a "snowbird" where the property is rented to another person for a period of less than 120 consecutive days while the owner is residing out of the state of Minnesota, the owner must occupy the property during the remainder of the year
  • A single-family dwelling or a dwelling unit in a duplex occupied by the building owner for a minimum of six months per calendar year
  • Rented rooms within an owner-occupied dwelling unit
  • Unoccupied dwelling units that have been issued a Vacant Building Registration

Unlicensed Rental Properties
Owners of a non-licensed rental property may be subject to fines, prosecution charges, and incarceration. Rental license violation is a misdemeanor. To determine if a property is licensed, search rental licenses.

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