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Common Code Violations
Neighorhood preservation and good relations between neighbors are encouraged through proactive property maintenance sweeps in each neighborhood as well as in response to citizen complaints and concerns. Code enforcement staff work with city departments, nonprofit agencies, businesses and citizens to help keep properties and the environment safe, attractive and maintained to community standards.

What are the most common code violations? 
  • The accumulation of garbage, trash, debris, junk, brush piles and auto parts 
  • Illegal parking and storage of vehicles, RV’s, trailers, etc. 
  • Yard maintenance, including tall grass and weeds 
  • Improper storage of firewood
  • Lack of proper addressing for identification 
  • Illegally placed signs 
  • Deteriorated fences 
  • General maintenance of the exterior of structures (Ex: chipping and peeling paint, rotting wood or siding, and holes or deterioration of siding)

For more information about property maintenance and community standards, please see the brochure "A Guide to Good Neighborhoods- Property Maintenance & Livability Standards" or the City Ordinances. You can also view the "Guide to Good Neighborhoods" webpages.

What happens if a property owner or renter is given notice for a code violation(s)?
The owner may receive one of the following describing the violation and the City’s expectation for corrections. Questions regarding the violation should be directed to the inspector listed on the Compliance Notice or correspondence right away.  Do not ignore a notice. 

  • A Compliance Notice or letter 
  • A door knocker tag or sticker 
  • A citation (fine), formal complaint (mandatory court appearance), City-facilitated abatement (costs assessed to the property) or other legal ramifications