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Clear View Triangle
Clearview diagram_thumb.bmp
On any property which is located at a street intersection, the Clear View Triangle (see diagram) is defined as that triangular area formed by connecting the following three points: the point of intersection of the adjacent curb lines extended, and a point on each adjacent curb line 55 feet from such point of intersection.

If there are no curbs, the edge of the traveled portion of the street or road shall be used instead of the curb line.

On any property which is located at an intersection of an alley with a street, the triangular area is formed by connecting points 20 feet from such point of intersection.

Nothing may be allowed within the Clear View Triangle to materially impede vision between a height of two and one-half feet and 10 feet above the centerline grades of the intersecting streets. However, certain objects may remain in the Clear View Triangle if, based on engineering judgment and discretion, there are other circumstances that limit or minimize risk at the intersection.   

For more information about Clear View Triangles see City Ordinances 25-802 and 35-560