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City Council wants your feedback on the Proposed 2019 Property Tax Levy and Budget

A public hearing will be held on Monday, December 3rd, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall.

The proposed 2019 budget, in financial terms, sets forth the action plan of the City. The priorities for staff, infrastructure improvement and service response are reflected in the allocation of resources in the plan developed in City Council Joint Work Sessions with the Financial Commission during the months of June through November 2018. The expenditure levels are focused on maintaining current services and on the achievement of the strategic priorities of Resident Economic Stability, Targeted Redevelopment, Enhanced Community Image, Inclusive Community Engagement, Safe Secure Stable Community and Key Transportation Investments and key outcomes adopted by the City Council.

The overall proposed General Fund budget increase is 5.02% and the overall tax levy increase is 7.72%. The proposed property tax levy increase is, in large part, a result of a new debt service levy dedicated for the repayment of a 2018 bond issue used to finance neighborhood infrastructure reconstruction improvements. The Median Value Residential Property in the City is $184,000 compared to the prior year value of $167,000, which is an increase in market value of 10.2%. The Median Value Residential Property will pay approximately $1,113 in City and Housing and Redevelopment Authority property taxes compared to $990 in 2018.

Significant initiatives in the 2019 budget include:

·      Issuance of $11.13 million of debt to finance capital improvements including the street, water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer portions of the infrastructure improvement project for Interstate Area Reconstruction and Southeast Area Mill and Overlay. This debt issue provides the needed funding for the continuation of our street and utilities neighborhood reconstruction program.

·      A livable wage objective for City employees directed towards the lowest earners to bring them close to the MN Department of Employment and Economic Development's identified Hennepin County cost of living wage of $16.16 per hour.

·      Economic Development Authority funding to support the development of a Business Retention and Expansion program. The funding would allow for the purchase of tracking software, and/or professional services to grow the outreach of the program and provide follow-up services to respond more efficiently to business needs.

·      Additional allocations in Community Activities and Recreation to provide additional low/no cost programs to increase equitable access to youth programming.

·      Master development planning for targeted redevelopment areas that include: Opportunity Site Redevelopment, 57th and Logan Redevelopment, Brooklyn Boulevard Corridor, Former Jerry's Food Site and Former Sears Site.

·      The addition of a part-time Communication Engagement Specialist and four Neighborhood Engagement Liaisons to continue to engage residents.

·      Additional market efforts/campaigns and continued posting of city related information and stories on the City's website, social media platforms and newsletters.

·      Updates to the City's zoning, sign, platting and shore land ordinances in order to provide a regulatory structure which is clear and promotes high quality redevelopment and property improvements and forward the City's vision and goals.

·      The addition of a Building Inspector position to address the high demand in construction plan review and inspection. 

·      The addition of an Engineering Technician position to assist with the in-house design and development of infrastructure projects, reducing the reliance on contracted services for projects.

·      Additional body worn cameras, necessary system upgrades and mandated auditing to enhance transparency and investigative efficiency.

·      The addition of a full-time Sales Manager to market and continue to grow client base of the Earle Brown Heritage Center.

·      The addition of a full-time Storm Sewer Maintenance position to maintain streetscape, rain gardens, trash pickup and mandated inspections and reporting requirements.

·      Planned infrastructure improvements that include: Brooklyn Boulevard Corridor (49th Avenue to Bass Lake Road), Interstate Area Neighborhood Reconstruction Project, Bellvue Avenue mill and overlay, and Southeast Area mill and overlay.

·      An appropriated General Fund contingency of $125,000 for unanticipated expenditures.

Please use the links below to view the Budget Executive Summary or the Complete Annual Budget.

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