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Water Tower No. 2 and 3 Painting

Brooklyn Center has three water towers which provide water pressure throughout the City and also water for fire suppression. Water towers are typically inspected every five years with full rehabilitations performed every 15-20 years. Water Tower No. 3 is substantially complete and back in full service with a few minor punch list items remaining to be done spring 2019. 

The City hired TMI Coatings for rehabilitating Water Tower No. 2 which will be fully contained for painting and sand blasting. Due to rainy weather in the fall 2018 the project was not completed as scheduled. Work has been suspended and equipment removed with the exception of the containment, which remains on the legs of the tower, until April of 2019. The tower is coated with a zinc primer which will protect the structure until the paint coatings can be applied when warmer weather is here in the spring. We will update on project timelines once the project suspension has been lifted. 

If you have any questions please call Public Works at 763-585-7100 or .



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