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1. Can my child wear a life jacket during open swim or swim lessons?
2. Can I sit on a bench on the pool deck to observe my child in swim lessons?
3. At what age can a child swim in the pool without a supervising adult in the water with them?
4. Do you allow floatation devices in the pool or wading pool?
5. Does my child need to wear a swim diaper in the pool?
6. Can my child wear water wings in the pool?
7. Is there a public swimming pool in Brooklyn Center?
8. Is there a charge to use the pool and exercise room?
9. Can I purchase a one day pass to use the swimming pool?
10. Are swim lessons offered at the Community Center?
11. What hours is the swimming pool open?
12. What fitness equipment does the Community Center have in the exercise room?
13. Do I have to be a resident of Brooklyn Center to use the pool or exercise room?
14. Is alcohol allowed for events held in the community rooms?
15. Do you have community rooms to rent?
16. Who can use the community rooms at the Community Center?
17. Where is the Community Center located?
18. Does the Community Center have a gymnasium?
19. Does the City have a senior center?