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1. Do I need a permit to replace my driveway?
2. Who can help me find my property corners so I can build a fence?
3. How do I report a street light with a burned out bulb?
4. Where can I get a copy of a property plat?
5. Are we allowed to park on the street?
6. I live on a street that was rebuilt (two, five, ten) years ago and my sod looks dead. Will the City fix it?
7. What is the flood elevation in my neighborhood?
8. Will a city surveyor find my property lines and corners?
9. Who puts the flags and paint in the street boulevard and what do they mean?
10. What should I do if I have a private well on my property. How do I abandon the well?
11. Where can I drain my swimming pool?
12. What do I need to do to get a new street light installed on my street?
13. How do I get a copy of Brooklyn Center's standard plates for streets and utilities?
14. Where can I get a copy of easements filed on my property?
15. Who do I contact regarding clear view (site visibility) issues?
16. How do I apply for a right-of-way permit?
17. How do I get benchmarks?
18. My neighbors downspout/sump pump discharge is directed toward my property and causing problems. What can I do?
19. How do I get a stop sign added to an intersection?
20. What is the right-of-way on my street?
21. What can be done to fix streets that flood regularly?
22. How do I have "No Parking" signs removed or installed on my street?
23. How do I report a damaged traffic sign?
24. Can I place materials or equipment in the street or public boulevard (right-of-way) during a landscape project?
25. Where can I get utility as-built/record plans?
26. Who can I talk to regarding drainage issues?
27. Do I need a permit to build a retaining wall or landscape in the public boulevard (right-of-way)?
28. Who can help correct an erosion problem on a project site?
29. How do I determine if sewer or water connection charges are due?
30. What can I do to stabilize my creek bank or pond shore area that is eroding?
31. Where is the Public Works Department building located?
32. Where is the Engineering Division located?
33. If one of my trees is marked due to disease, what are some options for removal?
34. Can trees be planted in the City right-of-way (public boulevard)?
35. Does the City license tree contractors who do work in the City?
36. Are dutch elm disease and oak wilt a problem in Brooklyn Center?
37. Does the City prune boulevard and right-of-way trees?
38. If I take down a diseased elm tree, can I store the wood for use in my fireplace?
39. Who handles and removes graffiti in Parks?
40. Who do I contact to repair playground equipment in City parks?
41. Who do I contact regarding damages or vandalism in City parks?
42. Who do I contact regarding ice rink maintenance?
43. What are some common water quality questions?
44. Why and how often does the City flush the fire hydrants?
45. Where should I direct my sump pump water?
46. What should I do if my sewer backs up?
47. Where do I report a leaking or damaged hydrant?
48. Does the City have any water restrictions or sprinkling ban in place?
49. Why does my new water heater make the hot water stink?
50. My water meter is in a Well pit. How can I keep it from freezing?
51. Who is responsible to repair my water meter?
52. Where do I report a water main break that is in a street or yard?
53. How does the City maintain the sewer systems in order to prevent sewer backups?
54. How much water is used by one person on average?
55. My house is connected to temporary water. Is the water safe to drink?
56. What should I do about frozen water pipes in the house?
57. Why do I smell sewer in my house?
58. I need to dig in my yard. How do I get my utilities marked?
59. How do I repair my sewer or water service?
60. Where should I look for my water meter?
61. What are some common questions regarding street reconstruction?
62. How do I report standing water in the street?
63. Who do I contact to repair a sidewalk?
64. Will the City repair sod damaged from snow plowing?
65. Is there a street sweeping program?
66. What is a street made from?
67. How do I report a pothole in the street?
68. What are the payment options for Street and Storm Drainage special assessments?
69. What do I do if my mailbox was hit by a snowplow?