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1. How can I obtain crime statistics for my neighborhood?
2. How do I report my neighbor's dog that is barking constantly?
3. My neighbor's dog seems vicious and scares me or my dog. Should I report this?
4. Do I need a permit to solicit or peddle goods in the City of Brooklyn Center?
5. Do I need to obtain a license for my dog?
6. If there is an animal disturbing my property, what can I do?
7. How can I find out if a sex offender is moving into my neighborhood?
8. How can I obtain a copy of my police report?
9. If there is a cat/raccoon/badger/other animal disturbing my property, what can I do?
10. I have ammunition that I want to dispose of. Can I bring it in to the Police Department?
11. If there is a dead animal in the road, who do I call?
12. Will the City pickup and remove dead animals in my yard?
13. How do I report an animal (dog, cat, wild animal, etc.) running loose?
14. Where do I get a State Accident Report?
15. Where do I get another insurance exchange form from the accident I was in? I lost mine.
16. I think my car was towed, but Im not sure. How can I find my car and get it back?