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1. Which properties have a rental license?
2. Who are the councilmembers? How do I contact them?
3. Do I need a license to rent my home? What are the requirements to rent my home?
4. How do I register to vote? Am I qualified to vote?
5. What are the City Ordinances and where can I find them?
6. What schools are in Brooklyn Center? Where will my child attend school?
7. Can I absentee vote? How do I absentee vote?
8. How do I verify employment of a past or present employee?
9. What utility companies service Brooklyn Center? Who do I contact for gas, electric, water, cable, or garbage service?
10. Do I need a dog or cat license? What are the animal requirements?
11. How do I find out about attractions in Brooklyn Center? Does the City have a tourism bureau?
12. Does the City have a newsletter?
13. Does the City have a new resident guide? Is there a publication about Brooklyn Center?
14. Is there a City Council Code of Policies that are followed?
15. How do I find out about current city job openings?
16. Can you tell me more information about a specific job opening?
17. How can I become employed as a building inspector?
18. How can I become employed as a police officer?
19. How do I become a Brooklyn Center Firefighter?
20. I'm interested in applying for a job with the City.
21. What is the history of Brooklyn Center? Does the City have a historical society?
22. What is the population of Brooklyn Center? How many residents live in Brooklyn Center?
23. What are some of the ways the City communicates with residents?
24. Does the City have goals or strategic priorities that establish the direction of the City?
25. Does the City have a local newspaper? What is the City's paper?
26. What is the format of a City Council meeting and how do I bring an issue to the Council for consideration?
27. What is the schedule for public meetings? Where and when are public meetings held (City Council, HRA, EDA, Planning, Housing, Charter, etc.)?
28. What items are on the Council, EDA, HRA agenda? Can I print a copy of the Council, EDA, HRA agenda?
29. What are the demographics of the City? Where can I find a community profile?
30. What are the City Commissions? How can I volunteer on a City Commission?
31. What are the duties of the Mayor and Council?
32. When are the elections held and what hours are the polls open?
33. Can I serve as an election judge? What are election judges?
34. How do I file for City Council? How can I become a City Council candidate?
35. When does the City Council meet? Is there a City Council meeting schedule?
36. Does the City have a Chamber of Commerce? How can I contact the Chamber of Commerce?
37. What is the function of the EDA and HRA?